Universal Remote Technology

Remote Keyless entry: Once a convenience, now a necessity.

Whether you call them clickers, keyfobs, or remotes—since their introduction in the 1980s, remote keyless entry has grown to become a feature demanded by drivers everywhere. Today, it's standard equipment on nearly all vehicles.

But, like other systems on cars, they have a limited lifespan. Time and use take their toll and they eventually wear, becoming unsightly, work intermittently, then ultimately fail. Of course, drivers also frequently lose them.

Drivers rarely make a special trip to the dealership to replace remotes, making the Universal Car Remote a prime "impulse" purchase item.

Low component count for high reliability.

We use state of the art electronics in our remote to reduce the number of parts on the circuit board, ensuring reliability and long life.

Ultra-low-power microprocessor and transmitter architecture.

The components used in our remote are extremely low power to extend the battery life of the remote.

Encryption support for HT2 (48 bit), HT3 (96 bit), and AES (128 bit).

The universal remote supports industry standard encryption to maintain the highest levels of security.

Two "option" buttons onboard to accommodate remote start, hatch release, van doors, convertible top, etc.

Integrated PCB Trace Antenna.

Our unique integrated antenna design delivers a clear signal with"better than OEM" range while still meeting FCC regulations.

Water Resistant

Integrated silicone button pad extends completely to the edges of the case, resulting in superior water resistance.

FCC Tested and Registered. Patent Pending.

Patent Pending

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