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the Universal Car Remote design

This little miracle works like a universal TV remote,
but it's made for cars.

universal definition

uni·ver·sal \ ˌyü-nə-ˈvər-səl \ adapted or adjustable to meet varied requirements (as of use, shape, or size) -- a universal gear cutter -- a universal remote control.

We take a universal approach to design, packing maximum capability into the fewest devices possible. Our Universal Car Remote brings universal remote technology to the automotive world, saving our customers the time, expense, and hassle of a dealership replacement.

The name says it all—the Universal Car Remote works like a universal TV remote, but it's made for cars. It's designed to work with factory-installed keyless entry systems. It works exactly like a vehicle's original factory remote, unlocking and locking doors, popping open the trunk—everything an original remote does.

The Universal Car Remote has the capabilities of 216 remotes packed into a single device. It replaces factory original remotes for vehicles made by 21 car manufacturers—from Buick to Volkswagen. For the first time ever, consumers can replace remotes using a single device. Likewise, for the first time in history, retailers of all types can satisfy their customers' need for remotes by stocking a single item.

Our engineers have spent years developing this. One of the reasons it took so long—we had an obsession about making it a retail-friendly "bulletproof" product, easy to sell at major retailers to people who care little about cars, and know nothing about tools.

We had three goals when we started work on it. We achieved all three.

  • Make it universal—it covers 216 remotes, covering 70 million vehicles on the road today
  • Make it easy to use—it has simple, “no tools” setup
  • Make it affordable—at $29.95, it costs consumers half what they'd pay at a dealership for a traditional replacement

For decades, car dealerships had a monopoly on replacing remotes—forcing consumers to the dealerships. The Universal Car Remote changes all that, allowing consumers to pick up an inexpensive replacement at a local store and “do it themselves”—avoiding the time, expense, and hassle of a dealership appointment.

Universal + Affordable + Easy = Retail Friendly

Like the first universal television remote, the Universal Car Remote is truly revolutionary for retailers.

A genuine retailing milestone has just been reached—the world's first and only Universal Car Remote. No more waiting—this patent-pending “single SKU killer” is now ready to ship!

It's universal.

70,000,000 Vehicles on the road today covered
216 Remotes "packed inside"
20 Major car brands represented
20 Years of vehicles covered (1997-2015)
16 Of the top twenty most popular vehicles included
NO Computers
NO Employee training
NO Contracts
NO Risk

Perfect for retailers.

Universal Car Remote works on vehicles that use a traditional separate key and remote.

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It's affordable.

The typical price at a dealership is $86-$180, including setup fees, with many charging upwards of $300. The $29.95 MSRP means most of your customers will pay far less than what they'd normally pay for a traditional replacement.

We've done the research and compiled dealership prices. Click here to view.

Universal car remote setup example

Easy on your store staff.

The Universal Car Remote requires no employee assistance to complete the sale. Application information is printed on the packaging allowing your customers to self-evaluate without assistance from staff.

  • No training.
  • No computers.
  • No problems.

Easy setup

The consumer follows some very clearly written instructions so the remote and vehicle will work together. Setup is simple, fast, and uses no tools.

Your customers easily “do it themselves” without a trip to a locksmith or dealership. Your customers finally have an alternative to buying replacement remotes from dealership parts departments—and it's less expensive!

Universal car remote elimiates hundreds of remotes Universal car remote elimiates hundreds of remotes

Before the Universal Car Remote, it was impractical for retailers to sell replacement remotes due to their high cost and wide variety. Now, major retailers and small shops alike can easily enter into the profitable automotive remote replacement industry by selling a single, easy to use, low-cost device.

The product's universal capabilities, simple setup, and low price make it ideal to sell in your business. It's perfect for major retailers and independent shops—any business that has customers who drive cars.

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