Embrace your inner nerd.

By offering the world's first Universal Car Remote, you're now on the forefront of keyless entry technology. With it's fast "no tools" setup, you'll make it look easy, too.

Universal car remote setup is easy

Universal car remote is a great upsell product in stereo shops

Stocking the Universal Car Remote in your shop makes sense:

Sometimes you can make more money, faster, by selling the Universal Car Remote. Charging a setup fee is a great way to boost profits—that's what the car dealerships do. Also, most people don't know you can pair FOUR remotes per vehicle. Offer your customers the ability to replace a missing remote, replace a worn or broken remote, or add a spare or two.

"The dealer said this will void my warranty".
Sore subject, right? Yep, some of your customers may not want an aftermarket system. The Universal Car Remote is a perfect solution, offering a "less intrusive" option for your customers.


  • universal car remote
  • works on over 70,000,000 vehicles on the road today
  • 6-button remote
  • main functions: lock, unlock, open trunk, alarm panic
  • two auxiliary buttons for vehicles with remote functions like power van door opening, convertible top, and remote start
  • easy-to-understand activation and pairing instructions included
  • ultra-low-power microprocessor and transmitter extends battery life
  • integrated enhanced antenna extends range
  • weather-resistant case with one-piece silicone button pad
  • up to four remotes may be programmed to each vehicle
  • remote can be reset and used with other compatible vehicles an unlimited number of times
  • designed and assembled in the USA
  • warranty: 6 months

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