Solid Keys USA announces universal aftermarket Ford remote key availability

Solid Keys USA announces universal aftermarket Ford remote key availability


Solid Keys USA announces universal aftermarket Ford remote key availability

LOUISVILLE, KY May 15, 2016 -- Solid Keys USA, the product development division of iKeyless, LLC is proud to announce their RKFO series of Ford aftermarket remote keys. As a part of their FCC-certified, high-quality product line of Universal Car Keys, the RKFO series is designed to work on 95% of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles that use remote-head keys.

Key Features:

  • It’s universal
  • Replaces 28 Ford keys, allowing you to eliminate dozens of SKUs.
  • Covers 3 of 5 most popular trucks/SUVs
  • FCC certified
  • Six month warranty
  • Customer programmable (2 original keys needed)
  • Backwards compatible

Customers no longer have to purchase imported, unreliable aftermarket keys or pay top dollar for OE keys from dealerships. With our new RKFO lineup, drivers can now enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, FCC-certified remote key without the premium cost associated with OE. All standard industry diagnostic tools and equipment are compatible with the RKFO. It’s also backwards compatible with all vehicles that use an H84 transponder key with separate remote.

“The past decade has seen automotive key systems transition from traditional separate key/remote systems to integrated remote-head keys, directly contributing to skyrocketing inventory costs suffered by locksmiths. Solid Keys USA is the first company of its kind to offer these new kinds of universal aftermarket technologies. Our keys were designed to allow locksmiths and automotive parts retailers to dramatically reduce their on-hand inventory without losing expansive coverage amongst vehicles,“ said Mark Lanwehr, Founder and CEO of Solid Keys USA and iKeyless, LLC.

The Universal Remote Ford Key (RKFO), the first release in the Universal Car Keys product line, was first announced at the 2015 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), where it won the “Best New Product” award at the show.

Solid Keys USA is a division of iKeyless, LLC. Established in 2002, iKeyless, LLC is a privately-held technology company headquartered in Louisville, KY USA. iKeyless leads its industry, specializing in the design, manufacture, retail and wholesale distribution of automotive keyless entry remotes and transponder keys. iKeyless began as the Internet’s first retailer offering consumers replacement automotive keys and keyless entry remotes.

In 2008, iKeyless purchased a second-hand van and experimented with servicing business fleets and car dealerships. The division, now known as Car Keys Express, operates nationwide with employees in 42 states.

In 2009, iKeyless started its product development effort. Two years later, production began on the first line of replacement remotes.

In 2014, iKeyless/Solid Keys released the world’s first Universal Car Remote. The Universal Car Remote has been received enthusiastically by retailers and locksmiths across America.

In 2015, Solid Keys USA released the world’s first Universal Car Keys. This same year, Universal Car Keys won “Best New Product” at the 2015 AAPEX show in Las Vegas, NV.


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