Solid Keys USA Announces Release of Universal Aftermarket Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep OEM Replacement Key

LOUISVILLE, KY, December 18, 2017— Solid Keys USA, the product development division of iKeyless, LLC, announces the release of the world’s first universal automotive key compatible with Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. The key, with integrated remote, has the same functionality as the standard OEM version and is expected to be available for purchase by the first of the year.

“Solid Keys USA is the first and only company to offer universal keys. Our keys are designed to allow key professionals and automotive parts resellers to dramatically reduce their inventory while maximizing the number of vehicles they cover, “said Mark Lanwehr, Founder and CEO of Solid Keys USA and iKeyless, LLC.

Key Features: • Universal design • Eight button configurations • FCC-certified   • Replaces 32 OEM remote keys, eliminating dozens of SKUs • Compatible with all standard industry diagnostic tools and equipment • Can be reprogrammed multiple times • “Better than OEM” three-year warranty

Retailers, key professionals, and consumers no longer have to rely on counterfeit keys imported from overseas or pay top dollar for OEM keys from dealerships. This key follows the previously released universal Ford remote key and Chrysler FOBIK and is the latest in a long line of remote and smart keys currently under development by Solid Keys USA. Together with Universal Car Remotes and Universal Car Keys developed and manufactured by the company, Solid Keys USA offers aftermarket keys and remotes providing coverage for most of the 250 million cars on the road today, for a fraction of the cost.

Lanwehr added, “This key is yet another demonstration of our commitment to saving the industry and consumers time and money. With nearly 100 years invested in research and development to make these types of keys, we’re committed to being the global leader in emerging automotive key technology. As the world’s only manufacturer of modern aftermarket keys, Solid Keys USA is uniquely positioned to address evolving technologies with innovative, cost-saving solutions today and in the future.” About Solid Keys USA

Solid Keys USA is the product development division of Louisville, Kentucky-based iKeyless LLC. Founded in 2002, iKeyless specializes in the design, manufacture, wholesale distribution, and retail sale of replacement automotive keys and keyless entry remotes. To learn more, visit


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