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For decades, your customers have been walking out your door with missing or broken remotes.
For decades, car dealerships had a monopoly on replacing remotes—forcing consumers to dealerships.

The Universal Car Remote changes all that, allowing consumers to pick up an inexpensive replacement at your store—avoiding the time, expense, and hassle of a dealership appointment.

When we determined which vehicles would be covered by the Universal Car Remote, we had one main objective: To carefully select the vehicles which allow the setup process to be completed easily by the consumer. It's even easier to setup than a universal TV remote.

Our goal: maximum vehicles covered
Our obsession: zero returns

What this means for the retailer is: the lowest possible return rate and more satisfied customers. With its simple "no tools" setup, customers easily "do it themselves" with no trip to a locksmith or dealership to make it work. Your customers finally have a real alternative to buying replacement remotes from dealership parts departments. Even better—it's inexpensive. The $29.95 MSRP means most of your customers will pay about half what they'd normally pay for a traditional replacement at a dealership. Plus, it's easy on your busy store staff.

  • No training
  • No computers
  • No tools
  • No problems

Before the Universal Car Remote, it was impractical for retailers to sell replacement remotes due to their high cost and wide variety. Now, major retailers can easily enter into the profitable automotive remote replacement industry by selling a single, easy to use, low-cost device.


  • Easily enter the profitable replacement remote industry with a single, low cost device.
  • Stock one device, not 215.
  • Works on 70,000,000 of the most popular vehicles on the road today.
  • NO tools "consumer DIY" setup.
  • Saves your customers money. At MSRP of $29.95, it costs your customers about half the cost of a traditional dealership replacement.
  • No computers.
  • No training employees.
  • Eye-catching packaging allows consumer to quickly understand product's use.
  • Simple vehicle lookup is printed on the packaging allows customers to self-evaluate without assistance from staff.
  • It's the first and only replacement keyless entry remote with universal application capabilities.
  • Theft-proof clamshell packaging with bar code. Anti-theft RFID tags are available.
  • Backed by iKeyless live customer support.

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Easy to use vehicle lookup is printed on packaging.

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