#1. Activation Instructions

Activation Code(s) for 1999 Volkswagen Jetta:


1. Press the FUNCTION I and PANIC buttons at the same time. Release when the STATUS LIGHT stays illuminated steady indicating you have entered ACTIVATION MODE.

2. Enter your three digit ACTIVATION CODE within 15 seconds.

  • Use the LOCK button for the first digit.
  • Use the UNLOCK button for the second digit.
  • Use the TRUNK button for the third digit.

For example: If your ACTIVATION CODE is 512, press the LOCK button 5 times, the UNLOCK button 1 time, and the TRUNK button 2 times.

3. Press the FUNCTION I and PANIC buttons at the same time. The STATUS LIGHT will turn off.

4. Watch the remote’s STATUS LIGHT. The STATUS LIGHT will flash back the ACTIVATION CODE sequence.

For example: If the ACTIVATION CODE you entered is 512, the STATUS LIGHT will emit a series of flashes matching the ACTIVATION CODE entered in Step #2.

#2. Pairing Instructions

NOTE: The FCC ID must match your other FOB; if you have a different FCC ID, this won't work. If you don't know the FCC ID, you'll need to go to the dealer to find out which one you need. The compatible FCC IDs are NBG730956 and M36HU01WT. This is NOT for the Hella system.

  1. Put one key in the on position in the ignition (do not start) and put another key in the driver's door and turn to the unlock position (counterclockwise) and hold til it beeps three times, about 10-15 seconds, then return to center position (leave in the door).
  2. Then, hit one of the FOB buttons (if you have more than one, you must program all FOBs at the same time or else ones that worked won't work anymore). The horn will beep once for the number of FOB, (example: 1 beep for the first FOB, 2 beeps for the second, etc). Then turn the door key back to left until the horn beeps three times to deactivate program mode, and remove the ignition key.
  3. Once done, test your FOBs. If you don't get a beep when you hit a button on the FOB, check the batteries in the FOB.

NOTE: If your car didn't come with any FOBs and you purchased them aftermarket, this procedure will not work. These instructions are only for FACTORY alarm systems (there will be a white box behind the headlight switch).

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