Even if you don't sell car keys, the Universal Car Remote is a "must have" for your store.

Universal Car Remote Retail Universal Car Remote Retail

Keys and remotes go "hand-in-hand".

The Universal Car Remote overlaps almost perfectly with applications of keys commonly sold at most hardware stores. But, even if you don't sell car keys, it works on so many vehicles, and is so easy to set up, it makes a perfect DIY product. Even if you just sell house keys, the Universal Car Remote will sell like crazy when stocked next to your key cutting machine.

We created the Universal Car Remote to take the guesswork out of replacing remotes. It was designed as a "consumer DIY" product to be sold at major retailers to people who care little about cars and know nothing about tools.


  • Easily enter the profitable replacement remote industry with a single, low cost device.
  • Works on 70,000,000 of the most popular vehicles on the road today.
  • Stock one device, not 216
  • NO tools "consumer DIY" setup.
  • Saves your customers money. At a MSRP of $29.95, it costs your customers about half the cost of a traditional dealership replacement.
  • No training employees.
  • No computers.
  • No software updates.
  • Eye-catching packaging allows consumer to quickly understand product's use.
  • Simple vehicle compatibility lookup is printed on the packaging allows customers to self-evaluate without assistance from staff.
  • Backed by iKeyless live customer support.
  • Free, countertop POS display tray.

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