Gas stations and convenience stores love the Universal Car Remote. Why?

Universal Car Remote Retail

You're where people with the cars are.

Gas stations and convenience stores have the highest-volume concentrations of qualified buyers for the Universal Car Remote. The best. Better than big box retail stores, auto parts stores, and hardware stores combined.

With today's razor-thin margins for gas and food, the Universal Car Remote allows for high volume and great margins.


  • Easily enter the profitable replacement remote industry with a single, low cost device.
  • Stock one device, not 216.
  • Works on 70,000,000 of the most popular vehicles on the road today, from 1997-2016.
  • NO tools "consumer DIY" setup.
  • Saves your customers money. At MSRP of $29.95, it costs your customers about half the cost of a traditional dealership replacement.
  • No computers.
  • No training employees.
  • Eye-catching packaging allows consumer to quickly understand product's use.
  • Simple vehicle lookup is printed on the packaging allows customers to self-evaluate without assistance from staff.

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